The cost of the course depends on where you live. We made sure to fit each course's cost to the location in which the course is used. This is so we can keep the course affordable to all users !

The course can last you anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on how fast you go. We made sure to pack it full of activities and videos to help you.

No, these courses do not offer live instruction but we do offer a live chat feature inside the course where you can message the instructor if you need help. We can also accommodate any ones learning as long as you reach out to us at info@paratuscourses.com

The course is online through our Canvas Learning management system. It is located here https://canvas.paratuscourses.com/login/canvas

Each course that you complete and pass will come with a certificate. Each certificate is approved and stamped by Paratus Education LLC and comes with a signature from our head tutor ! You can show this certificate of completion to schools and places of business and employment. Inside each course will be a tab that says “Certificate Request”. If you have completed the course and passed, you will receive a certificate via email within 24 hours.

Functional Skills

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